How to save your business during crisis 

Crisis has always been the cause of total smashup of business for some people and the opportunity to take strategic positions for others. It's all about how quickly a company can enlist the efforts at climax and spread out after it. 

In the current environment medium and small businesses bear irreparable losses due to fateful delays and excessive spendings for office maintenance, which can account for up to 50% of all costs. It may take weeks for many employers to launch remote work for their employees, given that they have a chance to resolve all issues now and win some time. 

At the moment, Moscow authorities have introduced quarantine and the maximum possible part of employees has been transferred to remote work. The pandemic bringing pressure to companies together with crisis leaves almost no choice. The decision to transfer your office to a cloud server is not that obvious, yet it remains effective. 

Moving operations to remote desktops will instantly reduce up to 30% of non-core costs and allow to pay for the actual number of employees only. With the help of our Desktop.Rent service you can transfer your office with 30 employees into the cloud in less than an hour. Each employee will have access to document folders, pre-installed office applications and 1С, and your data will be securely protected because no one can access cloud storage except you. 

With the help of Desktop.Rent your office will be able to work nonstop 24/7 without any IT managers. We believe that Russian companies will be able to cope with the current situation on the same level as international IT giants who had been practicing working on the cloud servers for years. 

Especially since we have already launched a service that understands all the details of remote desktops for you. 

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15 signs it 's time to move to remote work

The economic situation in our country shows us that it is time for small and medium-sized business owners to make strategic important decisions to help save the enterprise. One of such decisions is transferring the office to remote work.  

If you've never thought about doing your business remotely, perhaps it's high time. See the check list why you personally need to start your business remotely: 

 1. You 're trying to reduce rental costs and utility payments 

2. You are tired of buying office supplies and constantly fixing office equipment 

3. You have been looking for an opportunity to reduce tax and social deductions for long 

4. Economically unstable periods often occur in your country 

5. You would like to optimize your personnel costs 

6. Your employees are constantly late due to traffic jams 

7. Intrigues and alliances are being built in your office 

8. While at the workplace employees handle their personal affairs instead of doing their jobs 

9. For a few months a year your office dies out due to seasonal sick days 

10. You would like to get more competent and experienced employees in your team 

11. You don't like paying an employee for time spent in the office, not for completed tasks 

12. You are looking for ways to improve the productivity of your employees 

13. You would like to transfer to electronic document circulation completely 

 14. You would personally like to work from another country or from your own country house 

15. You are ready to introduce the experience of successful international companies into your business

 These are just a few obvious problems that can drag your business down. In this case transferring your employees to virtual workspaces (remote desktops) may become a crucial point in your company's development. 

Visit and enjoy your home office today! 

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How to start transferring to the cloud?

How does the team start transferring to the cloud? What do you need to step up to that? These issues worry all owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses who have already realized the advantage of running the office remotely. 

To begin with, they will have to: 

✅ Understand which server parameters to select, 

✅ Understand virtualization preferences 

✅ Find out what CPU and RAM are, 

✅ Select the SSD drives and their optimal read response times 

✅ Calculate the amount of storage per user, 

✅Select operation system, purchase appropriate licenses of 1С, Word, Excel and other office applications 

✅ Make sure that the server is available 

✅ Understand how to set up accesses 

You still have to remember about backup and monitor compliance with the Personal Data legislation.

Then you need to understand the complex calculators of offers in the server market. And to find out that it is impossible to connect or disconnect the employee, to provide or block access to folders without IT manager- you will have to pay for it and depend on his availability and mood. 

It's important not to burst out crying at that. 

 May I connect remote workstations with one click? So that everything is ready for the employees?

 Yes! We are well aware that the whole long list may scare away even the most optimistic enthusiast who wants to transfer his business to the cloud. That's why we have already set up Desktop.Rent for him. 

It will take a few moments to get registered at our portal, and the ready-to-go remote desktop is available in 1 click. It's easy to upload your data. No stressful choices of RAM and CPU, only productive work. And you can connect and disconnect employees yourself from your smartphone and not spend money on IT specialist.  

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The future has become

Companies from different industries are transferring their business into clouds for various reasons. Amazon provides cloud environment for US intelligence community, Rostelecom automates 50,000 workspaces in the Prosecutor General's Office in Russia. 

At the same time today the savings owing to transition to clouds are significant - for example, the US government saves $20.5 billion a year due to the use of cloud solutions. Small and medium business owners can also make the workflow easier and contribute to optimization by transferring to remote work. 

We've gathered 10 reasons why cloud work should become a part of your company's life:

✅ You will save the cost of employees' workplaces maintenance (with 15 employees the savings will be at least 600,000 rubles per year)

✅ You will instantly be able to transfer employees to remote work, engage experts to the team from anywhere in the country and the world 

✅ You will be able to manage company workspaces from your smartphone

✅ You will have secure access to required company data from any device from all over the world

✅ Clouds ensure business continuity, reliability, and security at the advanced data centers’ level 

✅You can easily reduce or increase the number of workspaces by paying only for the required resources 

✅ In case of force majeure, the service is switched off by one phone button or by closing the laptop. No one will be able to withdraw your data without your permit 

✅All software and hardware will be updated regularly without your participation and additional costs, without breaking up the service operation 

✅Not only large businesses, but also small and medium companies can now afford to have cloud servers 

✅You will become flexible to scale up your business quickly after the economic crisis is over 

These reasons can fundamentally improve your business, quickly reduce costs not only for IT, but also for various redundant processes and personnel. 

Start benefiting from the cloud technologies with Desktop.Rent We have launched an intuitive service that is pre-configured and ready for smooth operation. 

 Visit and enjoy your home office today! 

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5 myths that prevent working in clouds

Working in the clouds in modern realities is a driver for business development during crisis. Cloud technologies can save up to half of your office staff and maintenance costs. Yet we quite often come up with belief of executives that cloud work is insecure, complicated and confusing. That's why today we will deal with 5 fears and misbeliefs that prevent managers from breaking up their headache today. 

 1. What if Internet connection is lost? 

Often company executives refuse to consider cloud technology because internet is needed to work online, and the connection might break. But tell me honestly, when was the last time you could do 5 or 10 minutes without Internet at work? Modern business processes and communications are pierced by Internet. You will not be able to work with your local infrastructure without Internet as well. Internet penetration in Russia has increased for 4 times in 10 years. It's difficult to find a place without the Internet. But if Internet connection is not very fast, cloud workspaces can accelerate work in several times. All you have to do is connect in 1 click to the remote workplace - and the connection there is quite speedy. 

 2. It is not safe! 

Think about how often employees send important information through public drives and messengers just because they can 't get access to their desktop at any time of the day. How likely do you think your system administrator will be able to pull information from the server and share it with third parties without your knowledge or consent? It's enough to shut down your laptop or turn off your computer and instantly your data won't become available even to the regulatory authorities. You'll have time to react. And business won't break up even in such an emergency. It turns out that clouds are safer and more reliable than local servers. 

 3. We're already working in the cloud in the local office

 A real cloud should allow you to run smoothly even if the server has broken down, even if the power has been cut off. All you call a cloud in the office isn't it indeed. And if you want to make a reliable "office cloud" - you have to spend money at least as a small data center - which is not reasonable in terms of non-core business spending. 

4. Are clouds expensive?

 It is not true. Your local network costs consist of buying and maintaining servers, drives and spare parts, buying software licenses, and salary of IT managers, including taxes. Such expenses make up to good amounts. And it is impossible to cut them instantly in difficult times, as well as to increase workspaces instantly during the growth phase. Cloud technology cuts workspaces costs threefold owing to scale and automation. In Desktop.Rent you don't even need an IT manager. The boss can manage employees' workspaces from the smartphone himself or delegate it to his assistant.

5. It's very difficult to move your data. 

Many people say there are archives, databases that are very difficult to move somewhere else. No one constantly uses all the archives at once with large amount of data - you can transfer the archives step by step. Moreover modern technologies and Internet speed are such that in one weekend it is possible to transfer working data of a large company to the cloud. Medium and small companies will be able to move active business data in one day. Moreover, in Desktop.Rent files can be quickly and conveniently uploaded to a remote workplace through the application directly from a smartphone.

 We suggest to clear your minds of all these misbeliefs immediately and start cutting unnecessary costs today with a single button with Desktop.Rent. 

 Visit and enjoy your home office today! 

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